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Submit your articles (and don't forget your byline) to these article syndicators. Articles are needed by webmasters all over the world and are distributed by these web sites (along with your contact information and a link to your web site if you do it right).

Some of these directories may be outdated or not accepting article submissions. To find current ones, do a search at Google for


"free articles" [use the quotes] along a keyword or two about your topic or business.


There are always good places to submit articles.


Remember to Include Your Byline

Your byline and article should be formatted something like this...


Byline and Article Standard...


TITLE: TitleOfArticleHere
AUTHOR: Your Name
WORD COUNT: 123 words. Formatted at 60 characters per line


You may publish this article free of charge in your ezine,
web site, ebook or print publication so long as the
copyright notice and the resource paragraph (at the end of
the article) are included. A courtesy copy of your
publication would be appreciated.


---------------- Article Begins Below This Line-------------


Copyright (c) 2006 Your Name



Article Text Should Appear In This Space...



Your Name Here runs a short bla bla about what you do and
your company or business or hobby, whatever about two lines.
Email: Subject: "SubjectOfArticle"
Phone: Your-Phone - Copyright (c) 2006 Your Name.


------------------ End of Article ------------------------


A Great Tool For Writing Articles


One of my favorite article-writing programs is called TextPad. You

can get it here. It has a facility where you can create text files

and format them to whatever number of characters per line that

you wish very easily in addition to being easy to use.


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